Watch The Scam.. U.S. Health Advisors is Not Cigna

E&M Global Insurance prides itself with only working with the best.   From Cigna, United or even Allianz we will only put our clients with the top carriers and networks.  Yet every few months or so I hear of some programs offering low rates and amazing coverage.  Upon investigation its usually coverage that would leave an individual bankrupt the moment that a large claim comes up.  Today’s flavor of the month is U.S Health Group.

The first thing with U.S. Health Group is that they market themselves a Cigna PPO.  They rent Cigna’s network but only pay up to the maximum on all policies.  They also make the (false) claim that they group together other healthy individuals in a risk pool, so your rates are lower.  This is the same claim Mega Life and Health used to make with the National Association of the Self Employed(NASE).  It was a lie then and it’s a lie now.

What is the maximum on these policies?

Well let’s start with a hospital stay.  Under this policy that max the carrier will pay out per day is $400-$700.  Go ahead and ask any hospital what they charge for drugs, testing etc.  This amount lasts 15 minutes.  What about a heart attack or cancer?  Great news the maximum they will pay is $2400-4200 per day.   If your particular plan has limits per day-its an indemnity product.  These are extremely dangerous and should only be bought as a supplement to a proper policy.  

In addition, and individual must pay a $95 app fee for this insurance.

This is not proper insurance and will leave an individual vulnerable to tremendous pain.  If you are considering one of these plans or want to switch, please let us know.

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