Are New Legal Permanent Residents Eligible for Medicare or ACA?

As a sponsor of AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) we frequently are asked what medical plans are available for their clients over 65.

Medicare Eligibility:

To be eligible for Medicare, immigrants must have worked 40 quarters, and have been issued a social security number to work under their own name that was valid. Quarters worked without authorization don’t work unless at some point the worker was issued a valid social security number in their name.

ACA Eligibility:

If the person is recent immigrant and has not accrued 40 quarters of work history, but is lawfully present, they can qualify for health care through the ACA(Obamacare). There is no five-year waiting period under the ACA and individuals could be eligible for subsides to offset the costs. We recently were able to help a couple in their 80’s find an ACA plan as they weren’t eligible for Medicare yet. The only negative with an individual getting a subsidy is a possible “public charge.” To avoid this an individual must simple forgo the subsidy.

An Update on the “Public Charge” for Immigration

On the recent Immigration Hour Podcast immigration attorney Charles Kuck was elaborated on a situation for immigrants were being denied entry into the United States based on the public charge.

The public charge is an immigration term used to describe someone who is dependent on the government for support.

The consular officer takes into account an individual’s age, health, family status, assets resources or financial status and education and skills. In addition they can review any affidavits of support for exclusions.

The public charge itself is very broad and thus open to interpretations. And thus is now creating problems.
For example if a son wanted to bring his 80 year old parents and the son made $400,000 a year the parents could be denied based on the public charge.

The public charge is now being used to deny people their residency status.

To combat this individuals would have to get insurance “BEFORE” they immigrated to the United States.

This would include solutions we have in the ACA(both on or off the exchange or through all of the international or domestic carriers we have available.

For E&M Global we always get the question of “Will accepting government subsidies on Obamacare or the ACA effect my immigration status?” The answer we always give is we’re not sure as we are not attorneys and thus can’t give an opinion one way or another.”

We will continue monitoring the status of the Public Charge and be ready to help in case the rule is further upheld up by the current administration.

E&M Global Insurance to Sponsor 2019 AILA Annual Conference

For Immediate Release:

E&M Global Insurance, the premier agency for international health insurance, is proud to announce that we will be a sposor of the 2019 AILA(American Immigation Lawyers Association) 2019 annual conference.

The event will be held at the Gaylord Palms Hotel from June 19-22nd in Orlando, Florida.

The conference will feature over 3,500 immigration attorneys, paralegals, law professors and law students.

Evan Tunis, President of E&M Global Insurance, “We are excited to once again be sponsors of the national AILA conference. The conference helps us keep our message of finding health insuranace for both attorneys and their clients.”

E&M Global Insurance will be in booth 315. Stop by and say hello.

The Cigna Global ACA Global Plan or The Best Health Plan on the Market That You Aren’t Aware Of

Cigna Global is one of the premier health insurance providers for expats and individuals who travel globally.

However unknown to most is a product they offer that complies with the ACA Guidelines while offering worldwide coverage and the Cigna PPO network. The plan is such a secret that is that its not even featured on the Cigna Global website. Below we’ll do a deep dive on this product, its features and see if its something you might be intrested in.  We present the Cigna Global ACA Health Plan.

Which Visa Types are Eligible for This Product?

To qualify for this plan an indivdual must have an E, O or L Visa. Tourist Visas or illegal immigrants are not eligible. IN addition and H1B, EW, ES, RN, SD and W would be sufficient.

Can I Apply for this plan at any Time During the Year?

Yes, unlike ACA plans which offer an enrollment window of only 45 days in most states this plan can be purchased anytime.  

Does this Plan Include Wellness/Preventatvie Care Covered at 100%

Yes, like ACA plans this is included at 100% not subject to your deductible or out of pocket.  

What sort of benefits/deductibles does this plan offer?

The Cigna Global ACA plan offers a robust choice of deductibles tailored to your needs and budget.  Want a plan with a $0 deductible-not a problem.  Or on the other end of the spectrum you can choose a $5,000 options.  The co-insurance is either 20%, 10% or 0%  We prefer Option 3 the 0% co-insurance options.

What other benefits are included in this plan?

  • Hospital Charges
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Air Ambulance
  • Pathology, radiology and diagnostic tests
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Acupuncture!!!!
  • Speech and Physical Therapy
  • Pharmacy Drugs
  • Maternity
  • Cancer Care
  • Mental Health and Addiction Treatment
  • Immunization

As you can see the Cigna Global ACA is extremely robust and offers great benefits.  To get a quote please get with us.

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We Answer Your Questions about the E-2 Visa

E&M Global Insurance is proud of its work on behalf of those born outside the United States.  Yet there is much confusion about the E-2 Visa.  While we are not experts we have rounded up the most common questions and answers.


  1. Can E-2 Visa Holders Format Their Business as an S-Corp?  Yes you can.  Per IRS tax purposes E-2 individuals are considered Non-Immigrant Resident Aliens.  So you are allowed to have an S-Corp as long as you satisfy the substantial test of presence defining you as a resident.

2.       Can my children work on an E-2 Visa?  No, children are not allowed to work.  They can eligible to volunteer though.

3.        Do I need to get an immigration attorney in order to apply for an E-2?  Short answer no; but it its recommended as any                    errors could result in your application being denied.

4.       Can an E-2 individual own a firearm?   This one is state specific.  But in most cases you can purchase a firearm but NOT            a conceled firearm permit.






Health Insurance Open Enrollment 2019

If you are unaware open enrollment for health insurance is set to begin on November 1st and runs to December 15th.  This is the only time of the year when you can switch ACA policies without a Special Election Period.

E&M Global Insurance works in all 50 states and will be working 24/7 during open enrollment.  We specialize in both domestic and international health insurance.  If you need a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.


Health Insurance in Puerto Rico

If you are thinking about moving to Puerto Rico we have fantastic news.  E&M Global Insurance is now available for all individuals moving to Puerto Rico.  This includes plans from Cigna Global and all regional Puerto Rico plans.

Puerto Rico is a strange place for insurance.  They do not participate in the Health Insurance Marketplace but offer regionals plans such as Triple-S Salud.  If you are in need of health insurance and are moving to Puerto Rico ask how E&M Global Insurance can help.

Health Insurance for B-1 & B-2 Individuals

The B-1/B-2 Visa allows an individual to come to the Untied States on a temporary basis. The B-1 is usually associated with business. The B-2 is used for tourism, vacation, medical treatments and participation in amateur sports, etc.

The first question we commonly get is can we get health insurance for an individual or family on this Visa? Short answer-Yes.

The most important question we need answering though is how long an individual will need coverage. If its only a short period of time a short term major medical should be sufficient. If it, its longer than six months a more permanent policy would a better solution.

Some of the carriers that provide short term major medical include International Medical Group, National General and United Healthcare.

For questions on B-1/B-2 Health Insurance please contact Evan Tunis at 800-974-5077.