Who Is Eligible

  • Any Expat or any Individual born outside the United States.
  • No Visa, or Citizenship Requirements.
  • A U.S. Born individual is eligible if they travel outside the United States for an extended period. Coverage will include where they travel to and back in the United States.

Plan Design

  • All Plan can be Customized Around your Clients Needs/Budgets.
  • No ACA/SEP Requirements
  • Health & Wellbeing (Similar to Preventative Services) Included for free on all policies.
  • No Expiration Date on Policies. Clients can have this policy for 20+ Years if need be.


  • Policy uses the Cigna PPO network in the United States. No referrals, necessary.
  • Clients will be covered nationwide and even worldwide. With other carrier you leave the state and your out of network.

Additional Benefits

  • High Commission with Renewal Paying Out the Same Rate!
  • You Can Write Individuals from All 50 States without being licensed.
  • Free Health & Wellbeing on All Policies.
  • Up to 10% Off for Families of 4 or more.
  • Local Back Office Support for Claims & Underwriting.
  • Application Approval in 24-72 Hours.
  • Trips for Top Producers. Last Year Top Producers went to Singapore & this year the trip is to New York to watch the U.S. Open Women’s Finals.