Fully Vaccinated and Traveling to Europe? Be Sure To Understand The New Travel Restrictions

Fully Vaccinated and Travelling to Europe


As variants like Delta continue to spread like wildfire throughout the U.S. rules and restrictions for American travelers are popping up across the globe and staying informed can feel like another chore on your to-do list that is never checked off. But we’re here to help! Making sure you are fully covered with worldwide health insurance is a fantastic first step and we can help you get there. Your coverage can start immediately and you can be covered worldwide plus many more amazing benefits.

When Europe reopened its borders to Americans in mid-June, it seemed the world was in a better shape, that the summer was going to resume relative normalcy, however, so much has changed. With U.S. tourists now boarding trans-Atlantic flights and free strolling across the globe, Europe has had to bring back its travel restrictions to combat the highly contagious Delta variant. 

In countries like Greece and Spain, some regions have brought back nighttime curfews to contain the sharp rise in cases among younger people. France, which is now battling its fourth wave of the virus, is requiring people to show proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test to access restaurants, bars, shopping malls, and even public transport. Italy will introduce something similar beginning in August, requiring at least one dose of the vaccine or a negative test result for social activities, including visiting museums.

What makes things even more complex is the fact that the rules are frequently changing from curfews to documentation that needs to be provided. Figuring all of this out can be head-spinning and the American Society of Travel Advisors says it has seen an 81% increase in interest in potential travelers seeking advice.

Our advice? If you’re not already fully vaccinated, consider it — especially if you're traveling outside of the U.S. Second — look into worldwide health insurance to ensure you are fully covered should any sickness or emergency arise. If you do find yourself with a positive test result while overseas, it’s comforting to know your health insurance will take care of your costly hospital bills. Questions about international health insurance? Give us a call today — our agents are ready and waiting to help!

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