E&M Global Insurance provides private medical/health insurance for:

  • People born outside the United States
  • EB-5 investors and their families
  • Expatriates and their families
  • International students and those studying abroad
  • U.S. citizens and legal residents who travel internationally

Our insurance plans can be customized to suit your needs. You can be sure of world-class products and service through our preferred partner Cigna and other premier providers.

Insurance for people born outside the United States, and expatriates

E&M Global Insurance offers a unique, affordable, medical/health insurance product providing worldwide coverage. Specially designed for those born outside the U.S., and also for expatriates who work and live abroad, this long-term insurance has a lot of advantages:

  • PPO insurance
  • Insurance doesn’t expire
  • Not tied to any special election timeframe.
  • Applicants don’t need a U.S. Social Security Number
  • Applicants don’t need a U.S. visa
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • Coverage begins immediately.

Insurance for U.S. citizens and legal residents who travel internationally

Businesspeople and those traveling abroad for vacation, school, sports or for any other reason: there is no need to worry about a medical emergency with E&M Global Insurance. We provide private, affordable, medical/health insurance with worldwide coverage. We like to see our ideal client as a Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. If you travel internationally for business you can get coverage in the place you are traveling to, and also here in the United States.

Your insurance plan can be tailored to fit your travel needs and timeframe, whether you are traveling for a few months or a few days.

Exclusive with the Best International Health Insurance Companies

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