How to Celebrate the Holidays While Safely Social Distancing

2020 has been a life-changing year for everyone, and as numbers of cases rise all over the globe, it’s important to remain vigilant about the health of you and your loved ones. But with the holidays around the corner, how can we safely celebrate?

Unfortunately, most health experts say there isn’t a 100% foolproof way to host a completely “safe” holiday event, however, if you are intent on hosting or planning an event, there are a few things to consider to lower the risk of exposure.

Consider Going Virtual
Most of us are experiencing “pandemic fatigue” and the thought of having another zoom meeting is enough for a splitting headache. But the experts say, the safest way to celebrate the holidays is virtually. This way our grandparents can stay indoors and relatives don’t have to travel from out of town. You can literally celebrate with friends and loved ones from around the world. If you’re a host, consider creating a stylish invitation for guests, suggesting to respond with an RSVP and a recipe of their choice. Or, you may simply create a new holiday tradition over video chat — a tacky holiday sweater contest, a game session, a virtual “gift” exchange.

Location Location Location
If you are hosting an in-person holiday dinner, consider the location in which you have dinner. Hosting your party outside can be a safer option than having it indoors; fresh air is continuously moving and can disperse any infected droplets, if any. Personally, nothing is cozier than a blanket draped while outside in cool weather! Be sure to follow your city’s guidelines in total guest count — some are limited to 10 or fewer. Seating should be further apart if possible.

Clean Up Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere
This goes without saying, but a thorough clean before and after your event is critical. It’s important to disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, bathroom and kitchen countertops, toilet lids and handles, faucets. Hand sanitizer should be provided at each end of the table and if possible, have your guests wash their hands as they enter.

Serving Style
You may also want to consider a buffet, allowing your guests to serve themselves independently (while wearing a mask). Using disposable silverware and plates along with plastic cups may not be aesthetically pleasing, but are safer in the long run. As a host, you can also prepare and “pre-package” your guests’ dinner plates, plating all of the food ahead of time so guests move around less, thus decreasing risk for everyone.

2020 has been nothing short of…well, we can’t quite find the right word, but let’s just say we will all collectively celebrate the end of this trying year. Everyone here at E&M Global wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season.

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