Traveling Outside the US? Check Health Insurance Off Your List!

It's no secret the current global pandemic has many of us rethinking the way we travel. As road trips and secluded camping vacations grow more popular, some have the itch to leave the US, may need to for business reasons. There are still several countries accepting US travelers with specific restrictions, and it's important to evaluate the risks and understand the safest ways to travel.
One thing you can set your mind at ease about is health insurance. With E&M Global, we provide affordable, medical/health insurance with worldwide coverage. Your plan can be tailored to fit your travel needs and timeframe, whether you are vacationing for a week or on a four-month long business trip. We have plans specifically designed for those who live abroad, and the plans come with a lot of advantages:
- PPO Insurance
- Insurance doesn't expire
- Not tied to any special election timeframe
- Coverage begins immediately
- Approval within 24 hours
- Applicants don't need a US Visa or US Social Security Number
Keep in mind each country has its own specific regulations for travel (negative covid test, etc.). We urge travelers, along with wearing masks, to adhere to social distancing.  Be sure to take all of the appropriate safety precautions and measures while abroad and leave the health plans to us -- we've got you covered!
E&M Global Insurance takes the worry out of insurance challenges for foreign investors, expatriates and students.
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