We Answer Your Questions about the E-2 Visa

E&M Global Insurance is proud of its work on behalf of those born outside the United States.  Yet there is much confusion about the E-2 Visa.  While we are not experts we have rounded up the most common questions and answers.


  1. Can E-2 Visa Holders Format Their Business as an S-Corp?  Yes you can.  Per IRS tax purposes E-2 individuals are considered Non-Immigrant Resident Aliens.  So you are allowed to have an S-Corp as long as you satisfy the substantial test of presence defining you as a resident.

2.       Can my children work on an E-2 Visa?  No, children are not allowed to work.  They can eligible to volunteer though.

3.        Do I need to get an immigration attorney in order to apply for an E-2?  Short answer no; but it its recommended as any                    errors could result in your application being denied.

4.       Can an E-2 individual own a firearm?   This one is state specific.  But in most cases you can purchase a firearm but NOT            a conceled firearm permit.






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