What To Do If You’re A Public Charge Risk

Public Charge Risk

Are you at risk of denial under the DHS public charge rule? A perfect solution for those looking to avoid public charge is Short-Term Medical Insurance.

Even if you’re a healthy individual, it’s still a good idea to purchase private health insurance plans like short-term medical. One of the benefits to plans like these is there is no open enrollment period — you can apply anytime. Most plans can last anywhere from one month up to thirty-six months. Although they do not cover pre-existing conditions, immigration deems these plans in a “heavily positive” favor when using the public charge test. Social security numbers are not required and STM plans meet the new requirements under the Public Charge Rule. Another huge benefit is the cost — short-term plans are priced significantly cheaper than traditional options.

Looking for suitable coverage to meet your new requirements? Give us a call. We can provide a number of options that will qualify under the new rule and help you with your application!

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