As Omicron cases surge, nations announce rules on travel and gatherings ahead of the holidays

Omicron Cases Surge

While experts stress that we’re not back in March 2020 all over again — call it Pandemic PTSD if you will — the abrupt new restrictions in some countries can’t help but make us feel like we’re heading backwards. Although we have other tools and vaccines now, it’s important to be aware of the travel changes and rules for the upcoming holidays.

The omicron variant is now considered the most dominant version of the coronavirus — making up 73% of new Covid-19 infections last week in the U.S. — showing how rapidly the virus has spread across the U.S. the week prior. While omicron can more easily evade immune protection and booster shots than prior strains, those infected may be less likely to experience severe disease and hospitalization. Getting booster shots appears to still offer substantial protection against severe disease and death from omicron, according to health officials.

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