Will Health Insurance Coverage for Covid-19 Change in 2022?

Health Insurance Coverage

As we’re closing in on two full years of enduring the Covid-19 pandemic, health insurance agencies are shifting what and how much they are covering in 2022. Right now, we’re still in the open enrollment period for individual and family health insurance, and we are here to help!

The rules in your Marketplace health plan for treatment for Covid-19 emergency remain the same as any other viral infection and cover treatment for pre-existing medical conditions and cannot terminate coverage due to a change in health status, like the diagnosis or treatment of Covid-19.

All Marketplace plans also cover:

  • Your initial Covid-19 vaccines (two shots for Pfizer & Moderna or one Johnson & Johnson/Janssen dose)
  • An additional third dose of the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine if you’re immunocompromised
  • A Covid-19 vaccine booster shot
  • Covid-19 diagnostic tests

If you have a current plan and are curious to see what your plan covers for Covid-19, whether it has changed (for better or worse), and would like to either change plans or add coverage, give us a call! We’re the number one health insurance agency in Coral Springs and Parkland for a reason — and we’re happy to help! Call us today!

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