Cigna Expands its Individual Health Insurance Market Participation

Cigna Expands

Because of the surge in 2021 marketplace enrollment (largely due to the special enrollment period), Cigna has announced plans to expand its reach to the individual health insurance market in 2022. Designed to support whole-person health, Cigna is focusing on creating superior outcomes throughout customers’ health care journeys. Cigna will be able to help more individuals and families access the care they need with more affordable, predictable, and simple health care options.

Cigna will be offering personalized guidance for those with chronic disease management needs at no cost-sharing, and will also cover prescription drug costs with a $0 to $3 copay, along with capping the prices of medications like insulin. Cigna also plans to offer miscellaneous benefits like acupuncture. 

Consumers are also showing more interest in the marketplace, mostly due to the American Rescue Plan’s subsidies. Enrollment this year has been historic, surpassing 1.2 million new enrollees for a total of 31 million Americans enrolled in the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

What’s great for you as consumers (and clients) of E&M Global Insurance is that Cigna is a preferred partner! You can be sure that our insurance options can be customized to suit your needs in every sense. We offer world-class products and services through Cigna. Questions? Interested in switching insurance carriers? Give us a call today!


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