Studying Abroad? Here are Some Tips for a Healthy and Safe Campus Experience

Healthy and Safe Campus Experience

Do you or your loved one have plans to travel abroad for studies during the pandemic? There are a couple things to be aware of to have a safe experience.

Carry Vaccination Certificate and Be Aware of Quarantine Rules

This is probably one of the most important things in a Covid-19 world. International students should carry his/her vaccine certificate while traveling abroad, and should link the vaccine certificate with their passport as identity verification. As more and more individuals get vaccinated, some countries are going easy on quarantine rules, and some universities are reimbursing 50-100% of the quarantine cost in foreign countries.

Avoid Using Debit or Credit Cards

Credit and debit cards are super convenient, however, when it’s used abroad, can be quite costly. For every swipe abroad, banks charge you a foreign currency conversion fee (up to 3-3.5% per transaction) PLUS a foreign transaction charge (of around 2.5-3.5% per transaction).

Cash is suggested to use, sure, but instead of withdrawing from an ATM and incurring the ATM fee, many students purchase a prepaid forex card instead. Forex cards have no conversion charges, can have money added by others, like parents for example, and are secured with a pin.

Purchase A Good International Health Insurance Plan

We here at E&M Global Insurance understand how important it is to have world-class health insurance, especially if you’re studying abroad in a Covid-19 world. If you are studying outside of the US, we can provide health insurance plans that cover you worldwide, begin immediately, don’t require an SSN, and more. If you are traveling to the US for studies from another country, we offer fantastic health insurance plans for you, where it’s an F-1 Student Visa or an M-1  Vocational Student Visa.

It’s important for you to feel secure in your health, now more than ever. Let us help you find the right health insurance plan to best fit you! Call us today! 


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