Planning to Travel Internationally? Be Prepared for Heavier Restrictions and Extra Costs

Travel International

Everyone’s got cabin fever, that’s for sure and now the demand for travel is up exponentially in 2021. As more and more individuals get vaccinated, more people are making plans to travel abroad. But with the increased spread of the deadly Delta variant, international travel restrictions and rules are constantly changing.

If you have plans to travel abroad, you’ll need to be aware of the ever-changing rules and plan for extra travel expenses. In addition to making sure you’ve got the right international health insurance plan that covers your needs, here are some extra tips to make sure you’re not caught off guard when traveling outside of the United States:

  • Purchase an International health insurance plan for you and your family
    • We know, we keep harping on this, but we can’t stress this enough. Making sure your family is covered in while out of the country in case of an emergency give a sense of relief that compares to nothing else! 
    • E&M Global offers superior worldwide health insurance that can be approved within 24 hours, doesn’t need a U.S. Visa or Social Security number, with coverage starting immediately!
  • Stay up to date on international travel restrictions — if you have plans to leave the country, you’ll need to be aware of the following:
    • Pre-departure testing requirements
    • Post-arrival testing requirements
    • Vaccination requirements
    • Quarantine rules
    • International health insurance requirements (we can help with that!)
    • Pre-departure testing requirements to head back to the United States

Rules for international travel are changing often. As some parts of the world experience more positive Covid-19 cases, rules will often be adjusted. Flexibility is key; expect the unexpected and be aware that your trip may not go as originally planned. Make room for adjustments!

What can offer relief is knowing your family is covered and protected with high-class quality international health insurance. Questions? We are happy to help — give us a call today!

E&M Global Insurance takes the worry out of insurance challenges for foreign investors, expatriates and students.
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