Do You Need Special Health Insurance to Travel Internationally?

Health Insurance to Travel Internationally


All your bags are packed and you’re ready to go…except now you may need to add something to your checklist — proof of health insurance.

As the world is slowly re-opening, Americans are finding that some countries (like many in the Caribbean) are now requiring passengers to show proof that they have medical coverage. Fewer countries like Costa Rica are even demanding travelers to have special policies that cover up to $2,000 for the expense of quarantining in a hotel if a visitor tests positive for Covid-19, along with at least $50,000 of expenses relating to coronavirus care.

A health insurance policy for international travel may only be necessary if you don’t have your own health plan, if your plan doesn’t cover medical care outside of the United States, or if your destination requires a special country-specific plan.

Here are some common questions to ask when determining if a health insurance policy is necessary for international travel:

1 - Does the country you’re visiting require travel health insurance?

2 - Does your current health insurance policy cover medical care outside of the U.S.?

3 - Will you or anyone in your traveling party be particularly vulnerable during your travels because of a health condition or high-risk activities?

The good news is we here at E&M Global are ready and waiting to help! Give us a call — we can help you determine whether you need to purchase additional coverage or if your current coverage is sufficient, or help you shop for a new plan altogether. 

Safe travels!



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