Why Expats Should Start Considering International Health Insurance

International Health InsuranceIf 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that our health is so much more vulnerable than we thought. As lockdowns and travel restrictions rise and fall, expat families may find it too difficult to return home for routine medical services or emergency care. If your company doesn’t offer healthcare or if only provides basic medical coverage, it may be time to conserve a more comprehensive international health insurance plan to expand your benefits.

Your Employer’s Health Insurance May Not Cover Your Family

Between your home country’s health insurance and your employer’s insurance plan, you could be covered for the basic medical expenses, however, these types of cases don’t always apply to families. Some families find that children and spouses are either partially covered or not covered at all with an employer group health insurance plan.

International Health Insurance Expands Your Medical Coverage

Even if you and your family are covered by your company’s health insurance, it’s important to note the coverage may not be as extensive as an international health insurance plan. Also, due to travel restrictions, you be unable to regularly return to your home country for routine medical, vision, and dental maintenance.

Signing up for a more comprehensive international health insurance plan will do wonders to protect you and your family. Additionally, an international health insurance plan offers maternity, dental, and vision to the basic hospitalization coverage that is tailored to you and your expenses. Plus, you’ll have access to private health care practices and specialists with shorter wait times than at public healthcare institutions. You’ll be covered no matter where you go, much like travel insurance. But with global coverage from an international health insurance plan, you’ll be provided with medical evacuation and repatriation options. For example, if you fall ill or are injured with a life-threatening medical condition while out of your country of residence, your international health insurance plan will cover expenses to transport you to a medical facility along with providing excellent care and coverage.

Interested in purchasing an international health insurance plan or simply would like to learn more? Give us a call! Our expert agents are happy to explain your options and help you determine what health insurance plan is best for you and your family.

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