Get Ready! Medicare’s Open Enrollment starts in two days!

Medicare’s Open Enrollment

Enrollment in Medicare health and drug plans begins October 15th, 2021 until December 7th, 2021. We can help you get ready for Medicare’s Open Enrollment with these tips:

  • Check Your Email. You may get updates or emails from us notifying you about your Medicare coverage, any changes, or any upcoming options you may have. We can help you make any changes to your current Medicare plan or help you add Supplemental plans like prescription drugs.
  • Think About Your Health Coverage Needs For 2022. We’re happy to review with you your current Medicare coverage and note any upcoming changes to your costs or benefits. We can help you decide if your current Medicare coverage will meet your needs for the upcoming year ahead. 
  • Download Our Free Medicare E-Book. Having all of the information at your fingertips explaining all things Medicare is of the utmost importance. It not only explains the ins and outs of Medicare but has current information about plans in your area. Click here for the link:
  • Review Your Current Prescription Drug Needs For 2022. We’re able to help you compare options and shop for plans and find the right prescription drug plan for you that meets your health needs. We can help you access your list of drugs, compare your current Medicare plan against others, and see if the prices based on any can help you with the plan costs.

Questions? Ready to make changes to your current Medicare plan or eligible for Medicare? Give us a call today! Our expert agents are ready and waiting to help!


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