Health Care Trends for 2021

If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that making any plans for the year ahead is just plain useless. However, there are some definitive trends that have emerged:

Rise In Digital Health

Healthcare has been behind other industries digitally — until now. The pandemic has forced many practices to adopt digital methods like virtual doctor appointments and drive-thru clinics. Telemedicine has become a thing of the norm these days with app-based prescription services, FaceTime Doctor calls, and even prescription drop offs.

This drastic shift to digital has given better access to care and introduced patients to a new level of expected convenience. However, this shift has also shone a spotlight on health inequity. Patients who lack the digital technology or access to affordable internet may be left to the wayside.

Focus on Swiftness and Adaptability

The pandemic hit most institutions like an avalanche on steroids in nearly every aspect of operations. Some services, like intensive care and diagnostic testing were overrun. Others were shut down as elective procedures were postponed. However some organizations pivoted, transitioning to remote operations, re-assigning and re-training staff, and were able to supply tools to ensure continuity.

Traditionally, most organizations have prepared for specific incidents like this. The pandemic highlighted the critical value of leadership and how well it was able to adapt to disruptions on this scale.

Digital Risks In A New Digital World

Data breaches have always been a concern but are now on the forefront in health care as its transitioned  digitally. Patients want confidence their privacy and health history is kept secure and confidential. Not surprisingly, health care saw a rise in high-profile ransomware attacks and now the industry has addressed the challenges that arise as virtual care increases. Measures have been taken to protect IT systems.

Overall, the pandemic has shown us that public health adaptability is crucial to the economic and physical well-being of the country. We continue to monitor the trends as the year continues and encourage you to reach to us with any questions or concerns you may have!

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