Travel Bans and the US

Travel Bans and the US

As one of his last actions office,  former President Trump lifted the ban on travelers from Europe and Brazil, which was once targeted at stopping the spread of the coronavirus to the United States. The United States has been off limits to travelers from the UK for the last ten months.

However, aides from President Biden have indicated the restrictions will actually get tougher once he is in office. Concerns are growing over the emerging Covid variants, and the Biden Administration have responded quickly to announce they will reinstate the ban when Biden is sworn in on Wednesday.

Aides to President Biden made it clear having these restrictions lifted did not make any sense and have placed getting control of the pandemic on the forefront of their administration. In fact, the administration plans to not only reverse these restrictions, but strengthen public health measures around international travel.

So what does that mean for travelers wanting to come to the US?

Right now, travel to the United States doesn’t seem likely until the virus situation here is under control. It may be closer to several months than several weeks, but with the new administration attitude of caution tourism, it’s smarter to book a trip to America once the new stipulations have taken affect.

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