The Biden Administration and Global Health Action Agenda

Biden Administration and Action Agenda

We’re several days into a new President with a new administration and a new global health action agenda, and trust us, this is long overdue. The pandemic has created major setbacks all over the world, and the Biden Administration is ready to not only implement structural changes and revitalize global health leadership, but rebuild the lost trust among global partners.

Right now, the administration plans to mobilize partners to fund the UN Covid-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP) designed to coordinate health and economic action in vulnerable countries.

Biden must also rejoin and rebuild the relationship with WHO, and strengthen not only the response to Covid-19, but all of the health challenges from maternal, child, and adolescent health to injuries, diseases, and universal health coverage. The Biden administration plans to coordinate with other member states to submit a World Health Assembly resolution doubling mandatory contributions to WHO.

Hopefully the US can remove and not add any more politicalization of WHO and maintain the scientific integrity and political neutrality.

The proposed action agenda is undoubtedly ambitious, but if successful will reap huge benefits. Hopes to emerge under the last administration with more global solidarity are prevalent, along with the opportunities to build a safer, healthier America.

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