The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get About International Health Insurance

FAQs about International Health Insurance

I’m a legal U.S. resident but not a citizen. My job doesn’t offer health benefits. What can I do?

We can get you health coverage! Legal U.S. Residents have the same eligibility as citizens to receive coverage through the ACA, along with income-based subsidies. Another great option we offer is short-term health insurance, which is great for those who are still unable to afford an ACA-compliant plan.

I live in another country right now but we don’t have health insurance for the time we’re back in the states. What kind of insurance can we get?

The fantastic news is that E&M Global Insurance offers insurance plans customized for YOU! Whether you were born outside of the U.S., we offer unique, affordable, worldwide coverage specially designed for those who work and live abroad. This long-term global insurance has some great perks like PPO insurance, no policy expiration date, no special enrollment period, applicants can receive approval within 24 hours, and coverage begins immediately. You also don’t need U.S. Visa or Social Security Number. Whether you are traveling for a few months or a few days, we can make sure you’re covered during travel, stay, and return.

Will my pre-existing medical conditions be covered by my international health insurance plan?

Well, the short answer is — every application is different. International health insurance plans typically have an underwriter working for the insurance company review your medical history and determine whether or not they can insure you. Either they will approve the application as is, limit or exclude the pre-existing condition, or add a premium to cover the additional risks associated with the pre-existing conditions. Or they may simply deny the policy. At E&M, we take extra care to ensure our clients receive not just health insurance, but the best possible health coverage to suit their needs.

I’m at risk of becoming a public charge. What are my options?

If you’re at risk of denial under the DHS public charge rule, a perfect solution to avoid public charge is Short-Term Medical Insurance. There is no open enrollment period (you can apply at any time), and most plans can last anywhere from one month up to thirty-six months. Although these plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, immigrations consider these plans “positively” when using the public charge test.

We Have Health Solutions for Trump’s Health Insurance Visa Proclamation

On Friday, October 6th, 2019, President Donald Trump announced that immigrants who wish to obtain a visa to come to the United States must be able to prove that they can obtain health insurance before they will be issued a visa. In an attempt to curb the cost that falls on American taxpayers due to medical cost of migrants who enter the country and either fall ill or become injured, the President has put requirements in place that will make obtaining a visa an even more difficult, lengthy and costly process. Individuals who are hopeful of acquiring a visa must either have insurance upon entering the country, be able to obtain insurance within 30 days of arrival or have proof of the ability to pay for any medical expenses that they may incur while in the United States.

We at E&M Global Insurance have the resources and expertise needed to help any foreign nationals wishing to obtain a visa. As premier sponsors for the American Immigration Lawyers Association, we work closely with countless attorneys helping to assist their immigrant clients to get them an insurance plan that fits their needs and can help them gain entry into America.

We have plans that satisfy the proclamation that individuals can get before they get to the United States.

In addition, we are one of only seven agencies that are able to offer a guaranteed issued Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan throughout the entire year.

The current administration is tightening down on immigration laws and regulations each day. Do not miss your opportunity to begin a new life in America. Get in contact with E&M Global Insurance today and speak with one of our healthcare experts to find a plan that works for you. Visit for more details on how you can take the first step toward getting the coverage you need.

20 Days Left in 2018 Health Insurance Open Enrollment


Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving for you and your family. If you’re not aware we are more than 50% done with health insurance open enrollment for the year 2018. This is the only time of the year when you can change plans, add or remove a spouse or find new coverage.

We work with most carriers nationwide and can guide you or your clients in this important time. Choosing the wrong plan can have devastating consequences for years to come.

E&M Global Insurance will NOT be taking any days off between now and December 15th to give everyone proper time to find a new policy. Please call at 800-974-5077 or send me an email at and we’ll get started.

Comparison of E-2 vs. EB-5 Health Insurance Options

Comparison of E-2 vs. EB-5 Health Insurance Options

E-2 and EB-5 are two of the more popular options for individuals looking to invest and or start a business in the United States.   Before we get into the differences in healthcare options lets explain a bit the differences.

The EB-5 visa gives foreign entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to secure a green card for themselves and their immediate families for investments that stimulate the American economy; based on significant capital (500,000) in a new commercial area with the investment at least guaranteeing 10 full time jobs.

The E-2 Visa does not provide for a green card.  It is less expensive than an EB-5(100,000) investment o and the application process is much faster.  Besides the upfront costs many individuals prefer this visa as they do not want to become U.S. Citizens due to a myriad of reasons including taxes.

EB-5 vs E-2 Healthcare Options

Now that we’ve explained the differences in the visa types lets go over the differences for health insurance.

For an EB-5 individual they have access to all ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans on and off the federal exchange.  Coverage is permanent and not based on their medical history.  With all the changes in healthcare options are not as vast as in the past.  In most cases ACA plans will only cover you in your state and leaving that state will find you out of network.

For an E-2 individual finding permanent coverage may be a bit more difficult.  At E&M we believe that permanent insurance should be sought in most cases.  Since ACA plans may not available we have solutions that provide high quality insurance coverage anywhere in the United States.


Individuals who are applying for EB-5/E-2 visas are used to high quality care.  Whiter they are investing 100,000 or 1,000,000 it doesn’t matter to us.  We just want to make sure we are providing them the strongest medical care possible that covers them when in need.  To not offer this is putting your biggest investment(you) at risk.

For a quote on an E-2 or EB-5 health insurance policy please call Evan Tunis at 800-974-5077.

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