March 23, 2022
Medicare FAQ — Here’s what we are asked most frequently in Medicare

When can I initially enroll? The initial Enrollment Period is the period when you are turning 65 or are first becoming Medicare Eligible that starts 3 months before the first month of eligibility, encompasses the first month of eligibility, and ends 3 months after that month. (A 7-month period) Can I change from a Medicare […]

February 25, 2022
I’m a U.S. Citizen — where can I travel to internationally?

As Covid cases continue to decline, borders around the world are now changing their requirements for entry from other countries like the United States. Some countries that had fully closed to foreign tourists, like Israel, Morocco, Australia, and New Zealand, have either dropped those bans or announced plans to do so. In Europe, countries like […]

February 10, 2022
Travel Insurance Vs. International Medical Insurance: Are they the same?

For many seasoned travelers, the concept of travel insurance comes across as a strange idea. Is purchasing an international medical insurance the same as travel insurance? The answer is no -- and here's why: Width of Coverage Travel Insurance covers a wide range of possible risks like theft, cancellations, and medical expenses. Medical insurance is designed […]

January 27, 2022
Are you new to your Medicare plan? Here are a few helpful FAQs

If you are new to Medicare, welcome! We want to make sure to help those who are shopping, will be eligible soon, or just signed up for Medicare by answering the most frequently asked questions. Here are some helpful tips: When can I initially enroll?  The Initial Enrollment Period is the period when you are […]

January 20, 2022
The USPS is now taking orders for free Covid-19 test kits

Starting Tuesday this past week, the United States Postal Service has begun taking orders for free, at-home Covid test kits. Each household order will contain four (4) rapid tests, shipped for free beginning in late January.  The White House says it will prioritize shipments to Americans from ZIP codes that have experienced high rates of […]

January 13, 2022
According to the White House, Insurance Can Pay for At-Home Covid Tests, and Here's How

The Biden Administration announced on Monday new details on how Americans are able to get free Covid-19 tests -- or at least receive a reimbursement for them via their private insurance. We've all seen those lines around town for free at-home Covid tests, so this new policy announcement comes at a great time. Under the […]

January 6, 2022
Will Health Insurance Coverage for Covid-19 Change in 2022?

As we’re closing in on two full years of enduring the Covid-19 pandemic, health insurance agencies are shifting what and how much they are covering in 2022. Right now, we’re still in the open enrollment period for individual and family health insurance, and we are here to help! The rules in your Marketplace health plan […]

December 22, 2021
As Omicron cases surge, nations announce rules on travel and gatherings ahead of the holidays

While experts stress that we’re not back in March 2020 all over again — call it Pandemic PTSD if you will — the abrupt new restrictions in some countries can’t help but make us feel like we’re heading backwards. Although we have other tools and vaccines now, it’s important to be aware of the travel […]

December 15, 2021
I Missed Medicare Open Enrollment! What can I do?

I Missed Medicare Open Enrollment! What can I do? Life happens, we understand that. So, let’s say you, unfortunately, missed open enrollment for Medicare in 2022. The first thing we’re gong to tell you is — don’t panic! You don’t have to wait until next year’s open enrollment to acquire some kind of coverage — […]

December 6, 2021
Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Tomorrow — Here’s why you should review your 2022 coverage if you haven’t already

The clock is ticking…on Medicare Open Enrollment that is! Tomorrow is the last day of the program’s open enrollment period, which opened back in October. While it’s not necessary for you to take action (your 2021 plan generally renews for next year) — in which case you’ve probably heard from us a few times letting […]

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