E&M Global Insurance to present at the Fort Lauderdale BBG Roundtable

E&M Global insurance will be presenting at Café Vico this Tuesday from 6:00-8:00. The presentation titled, “Humanizing the Transaction of Insurance” will be the focus of the BBG (Brazilian Business Group) Fort Lauderdale Roundtable series.

Evan Tunis, owner of E&M Global Insurance, “We are extremely honored that the BBG has allowed us to share and teach all that we do. We have a unique story and we want to share this with everyone.”

The presentation will focus on the origins of the company and the plans for the future.

What is E&M Global Insurance?

E&M Global Insurance exists to humanize the transaction of insurance.

As a leader in international health insurance and 15 years in domestic health insurance we understand the right questions to ask to simplify the insurance process.

Feel free to ask me to review any of your insurance needs including small business group, individual and international insurance policies.  If you have and questions we are here to chat or call anytime.

In Interview with Michelle Tunis, VP of E&M Global

Today we will take a few minutes talking to the secret weapon of E&M Global Insurance, Michelle Tunis.  Michelle has a unique path that led her to E&M and her passion is evident.

So, tell us a bit about your background?

I was born in Peabody, Mass but moved to South Florida when I was 2.  I’ve traveled quite a bit, yet always found Florida to be where I feel most at home.  I am an only child, so you can say my friends are like my sisters. 

My dad would travel a lot on business leaving  my mom and I home alone quite a bit.  My mom has a lot of health issues and all I wanted to do was help her.    It’s  was back then that I decided that whatever career I chose I would help people.

What sort of health issues did she have?

She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and unfortunately there is no cure.  She often would be holed up with a month for a neck surgery, followed by an elbow or foot-injury.  Its truly an  awful disease.  Yet through it all she remained positive and happy.   She is the strongest person I know.

What did you get your degree in?

I started my undergrad at Everglades University.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine.  I also wanted to help individuals like my mom and this was a perfect place.  Following my graduation, I decided  to become an acupuncturist.  I was accepted and enrolled at ATOM (The Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine).  Upon graduation, I opened my own practice working with many individuals including athletes helping them with whatever ailments they had.

What did you learn most about being an acupuncturist?

The first thing is that you can have all the knowledge in the world about acupuncture but you need a  solid business plan to succeed.  I was learning on the fly and it was difficult.  The other thing is that you need to accept that you are  there to help as best as possible.  No matter how many sessions or therapyies there are some issues that go beyond your scope.  It was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How did you come to work with E&M Global?

After a few years of being a full-time acupuncturist I needed flexibility to take care of my young child.  I was offered several positions, but the time value wouldn’t have worked.  It was then  I was recruited by Evan Tunis.

How exactly did that happen?

Well he did a lot of begging…LOL.  Seriously, we had a conversation where he laid out the mission statement of the company and where I could fit in.  I’ve always been an extrovert and him an introvert(Yin/Yang) so naturally it fit.  It also fit my definition of helping people which is what I want to do in life.

What is your role with E&M?

My role is to be the marketing guru for all your actions whether it be Facebook, YouTube, etc.   In addition, I regularly attend meetings with the Brazilian Business Group, AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) and many other trade groups. I love educating and communicating our message to prospective clients as well our referral partners. 

Final question Michelle, where do you see E&M Global in the next five years?

We firmly believe that we will become the top agency for our market.  We are beginning several different initiatives that we believe will accomplish this. 

20 Days Left in 2018 Health Insurance Open Enrollment


Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving for you and your family. If you’re not aware we are more than 50% done with health insurance open enrollment for the year 2018. This is the only time of the year when you can change plans, add or remove a spouse or find new coverage.

We work with most carriers nationwide and can guide you or your clients in this important time. Choosing the wrong plan can have devastating consequences for years to come.

E&M Global Insurance will NOT be taking any days off between now and December 15th to give everyone proper time to find a new policy. Please call at 800-974-5077 or send me an email at Evan@EMGlobalInsurance.com and we’ll get started.

E&M Global Insurance to host BBG After Hours on October 30th

On October 30th E&M Global Insurance along will be hosting a BBG After Hours event at Chima Steakhouse.

The BBG (Brazilian Business Group) an organization with the objective of uniting and strengthening the Brazilian business community in South Florida where a large part of the community is concentrated.  E&M Global Insurance is a proud member of this group which features many of the same core values as us.

Evan Tunis, Owner of E&M Global Insurance, “Both myself and Michelle Tunis are thrilled to host the event later this month.  The organization is world class and we are to be associated with such an esteemed group.” E&M can’t wait to see you all there.

Chima is located at  2400 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL. The event will run from 6PM – 8PM.

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Some Thoughts from the 2017 Nebraska-Iowa AILA Conference

On Friday October 6th E&M Global Insurance had the pleasure to sponsor the 2017 AILA Nebraska-Iowa Conference.  The event featured most of the prominent attorneys from these states and the speakers were top notch.

Amongst the conversations were ethics, Visa updates and a conversation with several judges who usually rule on these immigration cases.

Among some of the things we learned was just how long an actual Visa could take.  Several of the attorneys remarked how it starts at 4 YEARS!! That is scary to think your future could be tied up for so long.  Another item was that there were only about 10,000 Visa’s approved in a year.

Anyhow E&M learned a lot and we are excited to be partners with this esteemed group.

Insure Your Children When They Are Studying Overseas

For many of our clients that are coming into the USA on a J1 visa we need to find proper coverage in the United States.  But what if it’s the reverse.  What I am describing are United States citizens studying abroad for an extended period overseas.  Such places as India, Panama, France, etc.

The common issue we find is that people don’t know where to go for these plans and what they cover.  Many assume that their current policy will be enough coverage however most have very limited benefits outside of the network especially overseas. In addition, a traditional U.S. plan will not pay to be emergency evacuated outside of the country back to the United States.

The good news is that we can insurance students overseas no matter the age in a high-quality PPO product.    Plans can be custom tailored and age of the child shouldn’t be an issue.  This was a huge issue recently when we had a case of a 13 Year old studying in India.  The client had simply given up that he could find his daughter a good plan.  Within a few hours we were able to find a permanet policy for an affordable rate.

In addition, E&M Global will seek additional savings and make sure that such benefits as medical evacuation are included on all products.  We understand how scary it is for your children to be overseas.  Having to worry that they are not properly insured shouldn’t be a concern.

For more information on E&M Global Insurance please contact Evan Tunis at 800-974-5077.

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E&M Global Insurance to Sponsor the AILA Central Florida Chapter’s Annual Conference

For Immediate Release:

E&M Global Insurance (the premier agency for international health/life insurance) is proud to announce their sponsorship of the AILA Central Florida Chapter’s: 31st Annual Immigration Law Conference.

The event held in Orlando from October 26-28th  will feature some of the top minds in the immigration field.

Evan Tunis, owner of E&M Global Insurance, “We are excited to continue are ongoing relationship with the American Immigration Lawyers Association.  We have gotten tremendous feedback from the annual conference in June and are excited to sponsor a conference in our backyard.  This will be another ideal venue where we can inform and educate about the benefits of our services.”

For more information on E&M Global Insurance please contact Evan Tunis at 800-974-5077.

Over 65(Non-Medicare) Health Insurance

For many individuals over the age of 65 and coming to the United States health insurance can be daunting.  To start with most over 65 are covered on Medicare.  Since individuals do not haven enough credit to qualify for Medicare this is not an option.  What does an individual do over age 65 but not on Medicare?

  1.  Seek an expat insurance policy that will cover them here in the United States.
  2.  Go to Healthcare.Gov and buy an overpriced/crappy network plan.
  3. Go without insurance.

As you can see only options 1 & 2 would be ideal.  We work with every carrier on an off the exchange and all expat insurance policies so we can custom tailor a soluton to your insurance needs.  Please give me a call at 800-974-5077.


Comparison of E-2 vs. EB-5 Health Insurance Options

Comparison of E-2 vs. EB-5 Health Insurance Options

E-2 and EB-5 are two of the more popular options for individuals looking to invest and or start a business in the United States.   Before we get into the differences in healthcare options lets explain a bit the differences.

The EB-5 visa gives foreign entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to secure a green card for themselves and their immediate families for investments that stimulate the American economy; based on significant capital (500,000) in a new commercial area with the investment at least guaranteeing 10 full time jobs.

The E-2 Visa does not provide for a green card.  It is less expensive than an EB-5(100,000) investment o and the application process is much faster.  Besides the upfront costs many individuals prefer this visa as they do not want to become U.S. Citizens due to a myriad of reasons including taxes.

EB-5 vs E-2 Healthcare Options

Now that we’ve explained the differences in the visa types lets go over the differences for health insurance.

For an EB-5 individual they have access to all ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans on and off the federal exchange.  Coverage is permanent and not based on their medical history.  With all the changes in healthcare options are not as vast as in the past.  In most cases ACA plans will only cover you in your state and leaving that state will find you out of network.

For an E-2 individual finding permanent coverage may be a bit more difficult.  At E&M we believe that permanent insurance should be sought in most cases.  Since ACA plans may not available we have solutions that provide high quality insurance coverage anywhere in the United States.


Individuals who are applying for EB-5/E-2 visas are used to high quality care.  Whiter they are investing 100,000 or 1,000,000 it doesn’t matter to us.  We just want to make sure we are providing them the strongest medical care possible that covers them when in need.  To not offer this is putting your biggest investment(you) at risk.

For a quote on an E-2 or EB-5 health insurance policy please call Evan Tunis at 800-974-5077.

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